Why Use VPS Hosting?

In this article I am going to focus on Virtual Private Servers (VSP), Business Class Hosting, and Plesk.  I share with you what I experienced out in the wild while working at 2 of the largest domain registrars and hosting providers.   Add to this what I learned and saw while […]

What is WordPress and How Does it Work?

You may be wondering what WordPress is, how it works, and what it is used for. In this article, I answer all those questions. WordPress was created for bloggers. It has since grown into a Content Management System. WordPress was created using the PHP programming language and utilizes a database. […]

Should I Code My Website From Scratch?

Should you build your website from scratch or should you use an alternative? I share my thoughts as a PHP developer. In the old days coding a website from scratch was the norm. Today there are alternatives such as WordPress and frameworks such as CodeIgniter. If you are a student […]

Why You Should Never Use a Website Builder

There are more disadvantages to using a website builder than there are advantages. There is a lot to know about building websites. Should I use a website builder? There is several reasons not to use a website builder when creating a website. The main reason is you cannot move your website […]

Is PHP a Good Career Choice?

If you are looking for a good career, becoming a PHP programmer could be a good choice. The demand is high, the pay is decent, and there is a lot of opportunities.  PHP is in high demand. About 80% of the websites and web applications on the Internet use PHP […]

What is a Web Application?

Web applications are widely used, however, I think most of us do not recognize them even when we are using them. A web application runs in a web browser. It is just like a program that runs on your computer or an app that runs on your phone. The difference […]

The Gig Economy for the PHP Programmer

The gig economy is still emerging. It is really this silent phenomena that no one is aware of and is hard to track or measure. It is a shift from skilled labor being employed to being self employed. Think of this as skilled labor from film makers to accountants, to […]