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What is a web Application?

In this article I will explain what a web application is, what are the advantages and disadvantages and what is required to build and run a browser based application. I will also cover who creates the browser based application. What is a Web Application? A web application runs in a web browser. It is just like a program… Read More »

The Gig Economy for the PHP Programmer

The gig economy is still emerging. It is really this silent phenomena that no one is aware of and is hard to track or measure. It is a shift from skilled labor being employed to being self employed. Think of this as skilled labor from film makers to accountants, to programmers and all the skills in between. Skilled… Read More »

Blogging for the PHP Programmer

If you are an inspiring PHP Programmer or an old hat PHP Developer you should have a blog. A blog can help you stand out. In this article I will offer some guidance on blogging, why you should blog, types of blogs, doing research, how to rank, and much more. Why You Should Blog If you are trying… Read More »

Coding Boot Camp for the PHP Programmer

Is attending a coding boot camp worth the time, effort and money? In this article I will try to answer these questions and I will give you my opinion. I will cover what skills you need develop to become a PHP Programmer. You can acquire these skills in many ways. I will talk about self study, junior college,… Read More »

Becoming an Entry Level PHP Programmer

This article gives some guidance on how to become a PHP / MySql developer and what you will need to know. I assume you have some programming and database familiarity because we will start at that level. You will need a simple development and testing environment. I go over that in this article. I give a laundry list… Read More »

System Analysis and Design for the PHP Programmer

This article covers system analysis and design from the PHP developer’s perspective. Not only should programmers be aware of system analysis and design, site owners should be aware of this as well. If a developer fails to perform an adequate system analysis and design they are setting themselves up for working harder and longer than they should have.… Read More »