What is a Full-Stack PHP Developer

Some say a full-stack PHP developer is someone who can program both on the client-side and the server-side. The server side is programming in PHP and the client-side is programming in the browser using JavaScript. Others define a full-stack developer as someone who can troubleshoot both the software layer and […]

Everything a Website Owner Should Know

Why You Should Never Use a Website Builder 6 Secrets for Choosing a Good Domain Name WordPress – what is wordpress and how does it work WooCommerce – what is woocommerce Magento – Drupal – phpMyAdmin – What is a web Application? Is it Better to Build / Code a […]

Be Careful When Hiring a Developer

I’ve been a PHP programming consultant for over a decade.  I have learned first hand what is out there.  There are a lot of very good PHP programmers, however most do not know how to manage a project.  They are good at programming tasks just not the business end.  And […]

Should I Code My Website From Scratch?

Should you build your website from scratch or should you use an alternative? I share my thoughts as a PHP developer. In the old days coding a website from scratch was the norm. Today there are alternatives such as WordPress and frameworks such as CodeIgniter. If you are a student […]

Why You Should Never Use a Website Builder

There are more disadvantages to using a website builder than there are advantages. There is a lot to know about building websites. Should I use a website builder? There is several reasons not to use a website builder when creating a website. The main reason is you cannot move your website […]

Is PHP a Good Career Choice?

If you are looking for a good career, becoming a PHP programmer could be a good choice. The demand is high, the pay is decent, and there is a lot of opportunities.  PHP is in high demand. About 80% of the websites and web applications on the Internet use PHP […]