What is a Full-Stack PHP Developer

Some say a full-stack PHP developer is someone who can program both on the client-side and the server-side. The server side is programming in PHP and the client-side is programming in the browser using JavaScript. Others define a full-stack developer as someone who can troubleshoot both the software layer and […]

How To Check Laptop Battery Using Upower

Checking your laptop battery from the command line is rather easy using the upower command. This article is an introduction to the Linux upower command and an example from my Linux laptop which is used as a PHP Programming test server. Background I have 2 laptops that I use as […]

What is CodeIgniter and How Does it Work

This article explains what the CodeIgniter framework is and gives insight as to how CodeIgniter works.  CodeIgniter is Object Oriented, Model-View-Controller, a Rapid Application Development framework for PHP, that has a small footprint, is blazing fast, has a short learning curve, and is easy to install. CodeIgniter does this by […]

What is phpMyAdmin and How Does it Work?

This article introduces phpMyAdmin and gives a brief overview of how it works. phpMyAdmin is free, open source, and was created using the PHP programming language. It was created as a wrapper around the MySql database. PhpMyAdmin is a web interface that gives the user the ability to manage their […]

11 SEO Tips for the Small Business

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is easy if you know what you are doing and is difficult and frustrating if you do not. My SEO History Title Tags Meta Tags Permalinks Focus On a Keyphrase Turn on Pingbacks Use Alt Tags Interlink WWW or Non-WWW Sign-Up to Google Search Console […]

Everything a Website Owner Should Know

Why You Should Never Use a Website Builder 6 Secrets for Choosing a Good Domain Name WordPress – what is wordpress and how does it work WooCommerce – what is woocommerce Magento – Drupal – phpMyAdmin – What is a web Application? Is it Better to Build / Code a […]

Be Careful When Hiring a Developer

I’ve been a PHP programming consultant for over a decade.  I have learned first hand what is out there.  There are a lot of very good PHP programmers, however most do not know how to manage a project.  They are good at programming tasks just not the business end.  And […]