PHP Programmer and Web Application / Browser Based Application Developer

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Hi, I’m Keith Smith. I have been a freelance PHP programmer since 2006.  I am not off-shore, a guy that is between jobs, or a high school student.

I am a full-time PHP programmer– this is what I do.

I provide professional freelance PHP programming services.

I’m what they call a full stack developer. The full stack, or LAMP Stack, as some refer to it, consists of :

  • The Linux operating system
  • The web server Apache or NGINX
  • The MySql data engine or one of it’s clones
  • The PHP programming language

I have experience is all these areas with an emphasis on eCommerce shopping carts.

If you have a project you would like to talk about please give me a call at (480) 748-9893 or fill out my contact form.

Custom PHP Programming Services

PHP web application development. I work on all types of PHP websites. If you need something I can probably help. I have experience with:

  • Old School Web Applications
  • Modern Web Applications
  • WordPress Development
  • Payment Gateways
  • Payment Card Industry Compliance
  • eCommerce Shopping Carts
  • Data Protection Through Off Site Backups
  • PHP Hosting / Linux Servers / VPS Hosting
  • And Many Other Aspects of Custom PHP Applications and Websites

WordPress and WooComerce Developer

I can help with custom WordPress plug-in development and WordPress theme programming.

Do you need your WordPress site to do something special or different? I can help. Does the underlying theme of your Website need some programming attention? I might be able to help with that as well.

If you are a WordPress theme designer who needs a programmer to help with your themes I can help.

VPS Hosting

I wrote an entire article on hosting. [add link here]. There are many things to consider when evaluating your hosting needs. Selecting the right hosting platform for your website and the right hosting partner is very important. To learn more read my article on VPS hosting.

Things a Website Owner Needs to Know

I’ve written a number of articles for website owners. There is a lot to know as a business person. You need to keep your skills fresh, you must have business management skills, and you need to understand your website. Your website may be for information only, or it may be bring in leads. No matter what the purpose for your website is, you will need to know a few things to effectively manage your website. See my table of contents for more information about what I would like to share with you.

Becoming a PHP Developer

Do you want to become a PHP developer? I’ve pulled together a list of my articles for you. I share what I think are the skills and abilities you will need to posses to become an entry level PHP programmer.

Located in Metro Phoenix, AZ