Project Request

Image of Keith Smith, PHP Programmer

Hi I’m Keith Smith.

I’m a PHP / MySql programmer.  I have been a PHP developer since 2006.

If you have a project you would like quoted or you want to talk about,

You can contact me by phone at (480) 748-9893.

Or you can contact me via email at Keith at PHPCoderUSA dot com

I offer the following services:

Custom PHP Programming – I fix, upgrade, and modify all types of PHP / MySql web applications.

WordPress Developer Services – Do you need something fixed?  Need a WordPress plugin to add some functionality?  If you need a WordPress developer give me a call.

WordPress SEO Consulting – Organic search results are my specialty.  If you found my website via the search engines that should be proof that I know SEO.

If you have a PHP / MySql project you need help with, please give me a call or email me.