Why Use VPS Hosting?

In this article I am going to focus on Virtual Private Servers (VSP), Business Class Hosting, and Plesk.  I share with you what I experienced out in the wild while working at 2 of the largest domain registrars and hosting providers.   Add to this what I learned and saw while […]

Why You Should Backup Your Website

If you are a website owner and value your website or blog, backing up your website content and data is important. 70% of small businesses fail after a data loss. All the more reason to backup your data. I use Amazon Web Services S3 for storage of my website data. […]

Different Types of Hosting and Hosting Providers

In this article I will cover PHP hosting platforms, types of hosting, types of hosting providers and their differences. I will also cover the advantages and disadvantages of each. This article is based on my experience in the industry and having been employed by two of the largest hosting providers […]