About PHP Coder USA

About PHP Coder USA

PHPCoderUSA.com was purchased in January 2014. At that time I was using another website as my business website. When I bought PHPCoderUSA.com I planned to use it for my business website and did to some extent. That goal was not fully actualized.

I have changed gears from a full-time freelance PHP developer to a Full-Stack Linux and Full-Stack PHP Mentor.

As a side note, which I will cover in more detail in another article, is the combination of Linux and PHP. I believe that Linux and PHP go hand in hand and a PHP programmer should know both. Very few do. I recently learned that most PHP developers are not very familiar with Linux. As far as I am concerned they go hand in hand, and a PHP developer should know both.

Today this website is geared towards helping others by teaching them what I learned as a freelance PHP developer.

You may want to visit the PHP Coder USA YouTube Channel.