PHP Services

Custom PHP Programming

I’ve been a PHP / MySql programmer since 2006.  I started my Internet career in 1999 when I taught myself HTML.  My first couple of websites were data driven using PERL and MySql.  Later I converted to Active Server Pages (ASP) after a friend convinced me to convert to the Windows platform.  I returned to Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP within a year or so.  I dabbled in PHP from probably 2002 until I finally made the move in 2006.  I’m a full-time PHP Developer.  This is what I do.  I provide professional freelance PHP programming services.

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WordPress Developer Services

To be a WordPress Developer one must be a PHP Programmer first.  As you can see I have a long history as a PHP Programmer.  If you need your theme adjusted or if you need some custom WordPress programming such as creating a plug-in I can help.

WordPress SEO Consulting

I was first exposed to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) around 2000 when a friend of mine, who was into SEO, used to talk about it all the time. In 2006 when I went out on my own I built a custom data driven content management system using PHP and MySql and optimized it for SEO.  That website served me well.  That was before I got into WordPress.  WordPress plus SEO is a good combination.

Chances are you found me via a web search so I must be doing something right.  That is the test for being a skilled SEO – a website that is found for terms people are using in searches.  I’ve seen a lot of people who claimed to be SEOs, whose own website does not rank for real search terms.

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VPS Hosting

I’ve been around the internet since 1999.  That is a lifetime in Internet years.  In the early days domains and hosting were much more expensive than today.  I’ve managed hardware servers, reseller accounts, shared hosting and VPS hosting with Plesk.  During my tenure I worked for several of the biggest domain registrars and hosting companies. Today the best hosting platform for most websites is a VPS with Plesk.  Plesk is great for hosting and email server management.

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