WordPress was first released on May 27, 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as a blogging tool. It was a clone of b2/cafelog that had been created by Michel Valdrighi.

WordPress is widely used and is built using the PHP programming language. It is very mature and you can build almost anything using it as the foundation or starting point for your web application. Or you can use it right out of the box as a Content Management System. WordPress requires a data engine to store it’s configurations and content. Most WordPress sites use MySql data engine or one of it’s clones.

New features can be added to WordPress by creating what WordPress calls a plug-in. Note that there is literally thousands of plug-ins that are readily available. Most are free and some cost. If there is a need there is probably a plug-in already available.

WordPress is open source and free.

WordPress can be used as a personal blog, a business website and blog, a news website (small or large) and may other uses. There is even a plug-in that adds ecommerce to WordPress. One of the larger application that I am aware of is the Chandler Police intranet where they use WordPress as an information clearing house for the entire Chandler Police Department. The Chandler Police Department has about 300 sworn officers and about 200 civilian employs. That makes for a very large user base that accesses a large amount of data.

It is estimated that WordPress may be used on upwards of 30% of modern day websites.

WordPress is easy to learn and use and is a great tool for anyone wanting to build a blog or a business website.

There is a lot of WordPress talent on the global web. Talent ranging from marketers, those with WordPress hosting skills, programmers / developers, and any skill you can imagine as it relates to WordPress.

Given the maturity and power of modern day web servers WordPress is easy to host if you have just a few skills or use something like cPanel or Plesk. My favorite hosting platform is Plesk on a VPS.  Low cost WordPress hosting can be found all over the Internet.

WordPress is a great tool that can fit into almost any budget and can meet almost any website need.